Kiel Device Setup - WHOI ISODAT NT 2.0 Service Pack 1.39


MethodGas: CO2
ExperimentClassical Acquisition
ConfigurationKiel III Carb Device
Gas configurationCO2
Pre Script 
Main ScriptCarbonate Device\Acquisition.isl
Post Script 
Isotope MS   
Integration time [s]8.000 Peakcenter Predelay [s]10.0
Peakcenter Cup2Peakcenter Postdelay [s]15.0
Dual Inlet System   
Cycles8Idle time [s]20.0
PressAdjust Level [mV]Right on Cup 1 (+/- 25.00) Pressadjust Delay [s]10.0
FV Threshold [mBar]0.0300FV Pump Time [s]10.0
HV Pump Time [s]60.0  
Ion Correction TypeCICA_CO2_SSHOutliertestSigma
 Ref. Name:d13C/12C vs.
Carbonate Device   
VM 2 Leak Threshold [µBar]150 VM 1 Leak Threshold [µBar]1000
Acid Temperature [°ree;C]70 Number of Acid Drops3
Reaction Time 1 [s]240 Reaction Time 2 [s]120
Transfer Time [s]90 VM 1 Expansion [µBar]1200
Reference Refill    
FV Threshold [mBar]0.050000 HV Pump Time [s]60.0
Pump Overlay Time [s]5.0 Refill Time [s]14.0

Note: MAT253 Serial Number 8614 (253) and 8634 (353) use identical ISODAT NT 2.0 setups.