All photos courtesy of Manuel Lopez

Los Dorados de Villa, 21 November 2003. In red: Virtual Manuel and Agustin Pineda. In grey and khaki, Alberto and Jerry. In black and blue, Fabian and Jesus

In La Cuija, Zacatecas, 22 November 2003. Jesus, Alberto, Claudio, Jerry, Alejandro, Paula, Fabian, and Paco (Manuel took the shot.)

La Quemada (Chicomoztoc?), 23 Nov 03. Second plane, left to right and first plane, same order. Alejandro, Jesús, Jerry, Manuel, Claudio, Fabian, Paula and Alberto

La Quemada (Chicomoztoc?), 23 Nov 03. "Parados en la pared"


La Quemada (Chicomoztoc?), 23 Nov 03. Deep blue sky

Our friend basking in the sun...


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