In October 1999 we were visited by Dr. Torben Kling-Petersen from the department of Medical Informatics of Göteborg University, Sweden.Torben returned for a week in April 2000 to help us get our databases going. Thanks Torben!

In October 1999 we were visited by Dr. Kennet Lundin from the department of Zoology of Göteborg University, Sweden. Kennet is involved in a project studying the ultrastructure of molluscan cilia and ciliary rootlets. Kennet returned and Worked with us in July 2000.


January 15 to june 10, 2000, we were visited by Michiel "Mick" Vos from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. He was describing a new Neomenia species under the supervision of Amélie Scheltema.

In May 2000 we had the pleasure of having Dr. Claudia Handl from the University of Vienna, Austria here. She taught us of reconstructions from thin sections and we provided information on the study of aplacophoran hard parts.

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