DONDERSIIDAE Simroth, 1893
Type genus. -- Dondersia Hubrecht, 1888.
Description. -- With a thin cuticle, without skeletal spicules, loosely defined by varying combinations of characters: radula monostichous with 2, 3, or 4 upright denticles fused at tips or not fused, or radula lacking; with two types of upright spicules or one type of adpressed spicules; ventral salivary glands goblet cells, or simple tubular, or compound; with or without posterior end drawn out into fingerlike projection; with or without copulatory spicules. Nine genera, five monotypic: Dondersia Hubrecht, 1888, Nematomenia Simroth, 1893, Ichthyomenia Pilsbry, 1898, Stylomenia Pruvot, 1899, Heathia Thiele, 1913, Micromenia Leloup, 1948, Lyratoherpia Salvini-Plawen, 1978, Helluoherpia Handl & Büchinger, 1996, and Squamatoherpia Büchinger & Handl, 1996.