Current Projects

Systematics of the neomenioid families Dondersiidae (Schander), Simrothiellidae (Arnofsky), and Pruvotinidae (Okusu) 
World distribution of the Prochaetodermatidae (Ivanov & Scheltema)
Relationships among the families of Chaetodermomorpha (Caudofoveata) (Scheltema & Ivanov)
Relationship of Aplacophora to Cambrian mollusk-like fossils (Scheltema, Ivanov & Schander)
Hydrothermal vent neomenioids (Scheltema)
Neomenioids of Sea Mounts (Scheltema)
Phylogeny of the Neomeniomorpha (Solenogastres) including morphology and molecular characters (Schander, Scheltema, Okusu, Arnofsky)
Embryology (Okusu)
Determination of relationship of Chaetodermomorpha, Neomeniomorpha, and Polyplacophora (Schander, Scheltema, Okusu)

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