Archaeomenia Thiele, 1906
Type species. -- Archaeomenia prisca Thiele, 1906, by monotypy.
Distribution. -- Indian Ocean off east Africa (Agulhas Bank) (A. prisca ), off west Scotland (A. nova ), 564-619 m.

Description. -- Thick-bodied, silky sheen, thin cuticle bearing three types of upright epidermal spicules: (1) thin, narrow, rimmed troughs pointed distally, rounded proximally; (2) long, slightly curved to straight, solid needles; and (3) distinctive harpoon-shaped spicules with a triangular hood borne on a slender, rounded stem arising from a proximal pedestal, restricted to two dorsal longitudinal bands; radula polystichous, radula sac and anteroventral radular pocket single; ventral salivary glands as diffuse goblet cells; gametoducts emptying separately into mantle cavity; with paired seminal vesicles and seminal receptacles; copulatory spicules 2 per sac, copulatory spicule glands as separate tubes; with dorsoterminal sense organ; with about 20 respiratory folds.

Archaeomenia nova Scheltema 1999
Archaeomania prisca Thiele, 1906