A, Anterior. B, Posterior
AVP anteroventral radular pocket
C cuticle
CG cerebral ganglion
CM circular bodywall muscles
CPM circumpharyngeal muscle
CS copulatory spicule
DC dorsal cecum
DS dorsal sinus/aorta
DSO dorsoterminal sense organ
DSP dorsofrontal sensory pit
EP epidermal papilla
ES esophagus
F foot
G gonad
GD1 upper gametoduct
GD2 lower gametoduct
GP gametopore
GPC gonopericardial duct
HC haemocoel
LM longitudinal bodywall muscles
LN lateral nerve cord
MB membranoblast
MC mantle cavity
MG midgut
MO mouth opening
OB odontoblast
OC oral cavity
OD odontophore
OM oblique bodywall muscles
P pedal pit
PC pericardial cavity
PG pedal gland cell (greatly enlarged)
PH pharynx
R radula
RB radula bolster
RE rectum
RP respiratory papilla
SC suprarectal commissure
SG salivary gland cell
SP epidermal spicule
SR seminal receptacle
SV seminal vesicle
V ventricle
VE vestibule
VLM ventral longitudinal muscle
VN ventral nerve cord
VSG ventral salivary gland
Modified from Scheltema, A. H., M. Tscherkassky, & A. M.Kuzirian.1994.Aplacophora. Pp. 13-54 in: Harrison, F. W. & Kohn, A. J. (eds.), Microscopic Anatomy of Invertebrates. Vol. 5. Mollusca I. New York: Wiley-Liss.






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