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This deployment took place from late Oct. 1994 till Feb. 1995. Two tripods were deployed. One containing the narrow beam ABSS system, a rotary bottom survey sonar, a vertical array of optical backscattering sensors (OBS), and two electromagnetic current meters (EMCMs). The second tripod included the wide beam ABS system, and an array of OBS and EMCM sensors. Unfortunately the ABSS did not return any data, but the ABS displays an excellent record with several large storm events.
  1. Uncalibrated ABS record for entire deployment with maximum wave velocities from the EMCM current meter.
  2. An image of the seafloor obtained from the sector scanning rotary side scan sonar.
  3. Time series (movies) showing the evolution of seafloor from the sector scanning rotary sonar. These images are mininally processed. A 3x3 pixel averaging (low-pass) filter was used for some smoothing and 12 hourly images were averaged for each frame of these movies.

  4. The most evident and interesting features in these movies are the creation of subsequent erosion of boilogical "burrow" holes. An sector scanning rotary sonar image that overlaps with a photo (taken by R. Wheatcroft) is shown here.

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