The IEEE Seventh Working Conference on Current Measurement Technology

Current and Wave Monitoring and Emerging Technologies

March 13-15 | Bahia Hotel | San Diego, CA, USA


Comparison Between Directional Wave Measurements from the RDI Workhorse with Waves and the Datawell Waverider in a Region With Distinct Sea and Swell

Gus Jeans1, Cathryn Primrose2, Nathalie Descusse1, Brandon Strong3 and Paul van Weert4

1Fugro GEOS Limited, Gemini House, Hargreaves Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN25 5AL UK
2Fugro GEOS Inc., 6100 Hillcroft, Houston, TX 77274, United States
3RD Instruments, 9855 Businesspark Avenue, San Diego, CA 92131-1101, United States
4Shell Global Solutions International BV, P.O. Box 541, 2501 CM The Hague, The Netherlands

Directional wave measurements from an RDI Workhorse with Waves are compared with those from the traditional Datawell Directional Waverider buoy. The measurements were conducted simultaneously at the same shallow water location over the period of several months. The wave climate at the study location exhibits distinct wind-sea and swell components from different directions. The two measurement techniques are contrasted and the necessary quality control is discussed. Methods for the computation of full directional spectra are described, and the functionality of the RDI WavesMon software is reviewed. Methods to separate sea and swell are considered.

Submitted on January 22, 2003