Virtual Stockroom & Instructions

The Stockroom Query is located within the Procurement Query. After logging on (follow the instructions with your WHOI email user name and password) Stores Inventory will lead you to the Stockroom database to search for items. The Online Stockroom Shopping will lead you to the online ordering system. Both use the same search format.

Now you’ll be able to determine if we have an item in stock or how many. You’ll be able to see a brief description, cost, location, our stock#, and if the item is presently on order to us from a vendor. The information is live. It is as current as we are and our inventory is constantly changing. Searches are bookmarkable and downloadable into spreadsheet format (may be good for users of certain items like stainless hardware). Bookmarks (once set up) allow quick, live searches of your defined query.

Some of the search features include: searching by category, by WHOI p/n, by location (warehouse), or only items in stock. Whole categories are listed in the drop down and are fairly self-explanatory. To be noted, there is a miscellaneous category. The WHOI p/n is our 5-digit number. This part-numbering scheme generally lists items in an orderly progression, so if you are looking for stainless steel hardware sizes you are better off to sort the list numerically. This will put the majority of the items in order by sizes. You may only be interested in an item that’s currently in stock, so you have the choice of stocked or not in your criteria.

Follow the online shopping instructions to search and place your order. Sorting your search numerically will bring the most orderly results. Generally orders placed before 9:30 - 10:00 AM will be picked up by the W.B. Mason driver and delivered to you the same day. Times may vary dependent on the driver’s daily load.

So go in and check it out. If you have questions, we’ll be happy to help. We encourage more users to take advantage of this query.

Last updated: September 7, 2007