For Suppliers

Supplier's Guide

A guide to learn about WHOI's business requirements, policies and procedures in an effort to assist suppliers with establishing a business relationship with WHOI.

Selecting a Qualified Supplier

Supplier selection and evaluation are processes that can take some time and energy but the effort will be rewarded when the product or services needed are supplied in a timely and cost-effective way.

Managing Supplier Relationships

Maintaining good supplier relationships should be important to all members of the community. A good buyer-seller relationship is a partnership, a win-win situation that nurtures both parties.

SOS Program Participants

Many of the "supply type" items purchased by WHOI can be procured from a single vendor. Typically, products in these category have small dollar value but are purchased frequently. Products like these are candidates for our SOS (Speedy Order System) program.

Disadvantage Businesses

WHOI has championed the cause and exhibited its leadership in the area of equal opportunity. The Institution makes every effort to promote diversity throughout its research, engineering and administrative populations but must also recognize that special efforts are needed to increase the level of participation by disadvantaged businesses in the Institution's procurement process.