Corporate Credit Card

In partnership with JPMorgan Chase, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution offers the Corporate Credit Card Program to all eligible WHOI employees. The Corporate Credit Card is the best way for travelers to pay for travel related expenses. The objective of this program is to provide WHOI employees with added convenience, security and flexibility while traveling on behalf of the Institution.

All employees who have authorization to incur travel related expenses for the Institution are eligible to receive a Corporate Credit Card. Card assignment is at the discretion of the Department Chair/Administrator or Group Manager. As with any charge card or financial instrument, it is important that the individual cardholder be aware of Institution restrictions prior to using the card. 

The Institution has designated a Corporate Credit Card Program Manager to assist individuals with any questions or problems they may have relating to the use of the card. The Corporate Credit Card Program Manager is Colleen Tuson and can be contacted by email at or phone at (508) 289-3267 or MS #1.

With the completion of the Cardholder Application, a Corporate Credit Card will be issued in your name with the WHOI logo and "Corporate Credit Card" clearly indicated on the card. This card is for Institution business purposes only and may not be used for personal transactions. It may only be used by the cardholder. 

In the event of an employee’s separation from the Institution, the card should be returned during the exit interview with Human Resources. The card will be canceled immediately upon termination of an employee or in the event of abuse of the corporate credit card system. If an employee no longer requires or desires a Corporate Credit Card, s/he should return it immediately to the Corporate Credit Card Program Manager.

Last updated: April 26, 2017