Per Diem

Travelers are reimbursed a "Per Diem" allowance in lieu of actual meal expenses while in travel status. Meals that are provided free of cost to the traveler, or included as part of another fee, (conference fees, hotel) are not later reimbursable as per diem. Per Diem is not intended to cover costs of alcoholic beverages or other nonessential diversions.
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Travel in Excess of 30 Days

It is reasonable to expect a traveler to arrange for lower cost accommodations because of an extended period of residence at a single location, therefore reimbursement for lodging and meals (subsistence) will not apply. Reimbursement guidelines must be established and approved in writing, in advance by the Accounts Payable/Reimbursement Supervisor for all trips in excess of 30 days. A copy of the "special" guidelines must be sent to the Accounts Payable/Reimbursement Supervisor.

Business Luncheons

Business luncheons that are to be reimbursed for actual costs require itemized receipts and a list of all individuals present.

Last updated: November 21, 2016