Incidental Expenses

Reimbursable to Grants, Contracts or Overhead

  • Baggage handling, generally $1.00 a bag.
  • Baggage excess/shipping fees.
  • Gas for rental vehicles.
  • Gratuities, reasonable (i.e. tips given to a taxicab driver) –  NOTE: Incidental expenses need to be separated out not rolled into meal per diem rate
  • Laundry/valet, for trips extending more than one week.
  • Parking Fees.
  • Telephone calls for institution business.
  • Toll charges: bridges, tunnels, public roads.
  • Visa/Passports fees. (Passport fees charged to overhead)

Non-Reimbursable to Grants, Contracts or Overhead

  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Costs incurred for not canceling a prepaid or guaranteed reservation.
  • Entertainment costs (i.e. cable television, gym, sauna and mini bar, etc.).
  • First class or business class upgrades on airlines. Extra leg room seating non-reimbursable to a government project. Please check with your department regarding a discretionary account.
  • Flight insurance purchased by the traveler. NOTE: Institution carries flight insurance for travelers on authorized Institution business
  • Insurance options on rental cars within the 48 contiguous states.
  • Lost or stolen tickets, fees, cash, personal property.
  • Payment for theft, loss or damage of luggage and other personal items. (If airfare was billed through the Travel Office or charged to your One Corporate Card, these losses are covered by the One Corporate Card.)
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Traffic fines (moving or parking) incurred when using rental, company, or personal cars on institution business.
  • Unauthorized travel.
  • Unexplained expenses.

Last updated: March 28, 2019