Bid Opportunities

Atlantis Mid-Life Refit

The Research Vessel Atlantis, operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and owned by the US Navy, will undergo a Mid-life Refit starting in June, 2020 to take place in a US shipyard. The Refit will upgrade the ship’s propulsion, navigation, HVAC, auxiliary and habitability systems, and overhaul two z-drive units, as well as, performing standard maintenance tasks such as bottom and hull blasting and painting, and regulatory inspections. It is anticipated that the yard period of work will be approximately 10 months. to include all test, commissioning and sea trials.

Interested contractors may request a pre-bid qualification questionnaire, and must respond by April 29, 2019.   Qualified contractors will receive an RFP on or about May 20, 2019 with a bidder’s conference and ship check being performed in Newport, OR May 30-31, 2019.  Contact Sandy Sherlock at for the pre-bid questionnaire. 

Autonomous Profilers

Public Announcement:

25 autonomous profilers to aid in research efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

The purchase of equipment only and not labor or research efforts.  

This proposal describes an effort to deploy and maintain for two years a fleet of 20-25 autonomous profilers throughout the Loop Current System active area in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.  These Argo-equivalent floats will drift at 1500 m and measure temperature and salinity from the sea surface to 2000 m every five days, generating 120-150 profiles and deep velocity measurements every month.  All data will be made publically available in near-real time (within 24 hours) and in final form (within 6-12 months) via the Global telecommunications System (GTS) and global Data Assembly Center (GDAC).  The project team includes U. S. and Mexican scientists with deep end-to-end experience in the use of floats for oceanographic studies in the Gulf of Mexico and worldwide from procurement, ballasting and communications to calibration, data processing and data delivery, to scientific analysis and publication of results. The profile and velocity data collected by this fleet of profilers will be valuable to scientists and forecasters in numerous ways, such as for data assimilation and Loop Current prediction, weather and hurricane forecasting, and deep oil spill tracking.  Additionally, the team will generate statistical data products for comparison with past LCS studies and to assist with planning the long-term LCS campaign.

Interested contractors may request more information, and must respond by May 7th, 2019. Qualified contractors will receive an RFP on or about May 8th, 2019.  Contact Sandy Sherlock at 

Plumbing Services

Public Announcement:

Provide all labor, materials, tools, equipment, transportation, supervision and related work necessary to complete projects requested on an as needed basis. 

The work will include piping systems for sanitary, domestic, mechanical, process pipe and sprinkler piping installations on a project by project basis. Since system drawings are rarely available, we need highly skilled, code knowledgeable, self-starting individuals who can design and install the aforementioned piping systems with coordinated guidance by the WHOI Facilities Engineers or Plant Mechanics. These services shall include pipe fitting, pipe hanger systems, equipment connections, coordination with other trades and other incidentals to provide complete and operating piping systems in concert with all aspects of interior and exterior laboratory renovations including but not limited to the following:

Cold and hot water systems, Soil, waste and vent drainage system, Process waste and vent drainage system, Fixtures and equipment, Gas piping systems, Compressed air systems, Pipe insulation systems, Sprinkler systems, Testing of various systems and equipment, Seawater Piping systems.

 All personnel used during the course of performing the work will be experienced in their respective trade and have all the licenses and safety certifications required for the project.

 It is expected that WHOI will provide work for extended periods of time and will provide notice of at least two weeks in advance if services ae not required for periods of time.

 WHOI is particularly vulnerable to storm damage and flooding. Under Extreme cases vendor may be requested to participate in pre storm preparations and post storm recovery for the services specified above.

Interested contractors may request more information, and must respond by May 10th, 2019. Qualified contractors will receive an RFP on or about May 13th, 2019.  Contact Sandy Sherlock at