About WHOI Procurement

The primary mission of the Procurement Department is to supply the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution community with expertise, policy, and procedures that ensures goods and services are available in a timely, cost effective manner while managing these acquisitions in accordance with all appropriate government and private agency requirements for procurements made with awarded funds.

Knowledgeable and Innovative Professionals


The Procurement Department is dedicated to achieving excellence in providing procurement services.

Our role as members of an organization in which teamwork and respect are valued, and employees take pride in everything they do is to provide quality "customer-oriented" procurement services.

Members of the Procurement Team are expected to seek out and adopt current best business practices regarding the acquisition and payment of goods and services and to apply these practices in a friendly, client service manner. In addition, we will utilize the best available technologies, like the web, continuing education, and peer mentoring to perform these tasks.

The Procurement Department is eager and available to provide appropriate expertise and training to the entire WHOI community in these matters.

Our dedication is to our vision, built on a foundation of continuous improvement, guided by the strength of our code of ethics and driven by the needs and expectations of our customers.

Last updated: February 3, 2021