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2002-2012 Publications

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McCarthy, S.C., Gould, Jr., R.W., Richman, J., Kearney, C.and Lawson , A., Impact of Aerosol Model Selection on Water-Leaving Radiance Retrievals from Satellite Ocean Color Imagery: Remote Sens. 2012, 4, 3638-3665; doi:10.3390/rs4123638: Remote Sensing ISSN 2072-4292:

Sherwood, C.R., Dickhudt, P.J., Martini, M.A., Montgomery, E.T., and Boss, E.S., 2012, Profile measurements and data From the 2011 Optics, Acoustics, and Stress In Situ (OASIS) project at the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012–1178, at


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