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Results: January 1996 to May 2016 > No. 1, Nov. 2004

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February 1, 2005

The Coastal Ocean Institute

At the coast—where air, sea, land, and people meet

January 28, 2005


Navy-sponsored research spawns a new generation of underwater vehicles

January 27, 2005

The Cacophony on the Coast

The Navy's deep-ocean acoustic detection methods don't apply in complex shallow waters

January 27, 2005

New Instrument Sheds Light on Bioluminescence

A WHOI engineer invents a device to measure a critical but elusive ocean phenomenon

January 25, 2005

Where Are Mines Hiding on the Seafloor?

New research reveals how waves, currents, and swirling sands can bury mines

January 25, 2005

For the Navy, the Coast Isn't Clear

Oceanographers mobilize to help the Navy operate effectively in complex, shallow waters

January 14, 2005

A Fatal Attraction for Harmful Algae

Clay sticks to algae and sinks, offering a potential solution to an expensive and deadly problem

January 11, 2005

Rites of Passage for Juvenile Marine Life

Learning from the life-or-death journeys of barnacle, lobster, and clam larvae

December 22, 2004

Red Tides and Dead Zones

The coastal ocean is suffering from overload of nutrients

December 16, 2004

Where the Rivers Meet the Sea

The transition from salt to fresh water is turbulent, vulnerable, and incredibly bountiful

December 10, 2004

Water Flowing Underground

New techniques reveal the importance of groundwater seeping into the sea

November 16, 2004

Rising Sea Levels and Moving Shorelines

New tools and techniques show promise for better predictions and decisions about coastline change

November 12, 2004

The Growing Problem of Harmful Algae

Tiny plants pose potent threat to those who live in and eat from the sea

October 13, 2004

Oil in Our Coastal Back Yard

Spills on WHOI's shores set the stage for advances in mitigating and remediating oil spills

October 4, 2004

Shaping the Beach, One Wave at a Time

New research is deciphering how currents, waves, and sands change our shorelines

September 21, 2004

Down on the Farm...Raising Fish

Aquaculture offers a sustainable source of seafood, but raises its own set of problems

June 23, 2004

Mixing Oil and Water

Tracking the sources and impacts of oil pollution in the marine environment

April 12, 2004

Which Way Will the Wind Blow?

Marine scientists have a key role to play in the debate over wind farms in the coastal ocean

April 1, 2004

The Grass is Greener in the Coastal Ocean

Coastal waters teem with life, but sometimes scientists can’t explain why

    1-19 of 19 results

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