Biology Research Highlights


From Oceanus Magazine

Endangered Whales Get a High-Tech Check-Up

Drones give researchers an unparalleled view of marine mammal health

Journey Into the Ocean's Microbiomes

A scientist examines a tango between marine animals and bacteria

Recipes for Antibiotic Resistance

A student examines the bacterial bouillabaisse in the coastal ocean


HABitat mapping CAMera system is a window to the sea floor


Exploring the secret life of endangered leatherback turtles

Setting a Watchman for Harmful Algal Blooms

New undersea technology offers ways to monitor toxic outbreaks

The Man Who Opened Our Ears to the Ocean

Historic archive of marine mammal recordings established


News Releases

New AUV Plankton Sampling System Deployed

’SUPR-REMUS,’ coupled with genetic analysis, reveals larval distributions

Ultrasounds for Coral Reefs?

Scientists find new way to assess the health of vulnerable, valuable coastal habitats

New Museum Exhibit Explores Deep Ocean Environment

WHOI and the Ocean Explorium release educational package for digital globes

WHOI Part of the Stantec Team Selected to Lead Major Marine Arctic Ecosystem Study

Team of environmental and social scientists from US and Canada to conduct Beaufort Sea research