Location of Summer Student Fellows as of 2011


We are able to locate 88% of the 151 SSF and MF students in our program from 2007-2011.  Fifty-four are currently undergraduates or graduated in spring 2011, with as yet unannounced plans for the fall.  Those listed below (alphabetically by initials) include 63 (65% of the former fellows we could locate and who have graduated from college and have announced plans for fall 2011) who are currently in graduate programs in STEM fields.  The three graduate programs having the highest number of our former summer fellows are MIT-WHOI Joint Program (13 students), Scripps Institution of Oceanography (six students) and University of Washington (five students).  Eleven former fellows have full-time technical positions in ocean science or closely related fields, and five are working in other areas (e.g. Peace Corps).

SSFYearAdviserCurrent or Recent Location/Program/Job
PA 2009 Martin Harvard University. Ph.D. Program in Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Science graduate program.
RA 2008 Charette Environmental Analyst for the San Francisco Estuary Institute.
DA 2008 Bower MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student.
AA 2008 Tarrant MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student, NSF Fellowship.
JB 2008 Lamborg Yale School of Forestry, graduate program.
SB 2007 Mullineaux MIT/WHOI Joint Program, MS 2011; Univ. of Maine Marine Sciences, PhD program.
SB 2010 Camilli University of Washington Ph.D. student.
MB 2007 Kwon Rutgers University, MS program, City and Regional Planning.
EB 2009 Shank MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student, NSF Fellowship.
TB 2007 Plueddemann NOAA - National Oceanographic Data Center, Wash. DC
MB 2007 Tyack Scripps Institution of Oceanography graduate program.
EB 2009 Sosik MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student .
DC 2009 Robinson Caltech, Ph.D. program.
CC 2009 McGuire MS Cambridge University, 2011. Ph.D. program at ETH or Potsdam. Best student paper award at Fall, 2009, AGU.
CC 2007 Kite-Powell Law Degree, now practicing attorney in Illinois.
JC 2008 Kite-Powell, Hoagland Univ. of Conn. MS program in resource economics. USDA Integrated Watershed Management Fellowship.
EC 2010 Tyack University of Cambridge graduate program, Churchill Fellowship.
AD 2007 Kujawinski Former research fellow at NIH, currently Univ. of Washington, graduate program.
ND 2007 Camilli Private Industry, Caterpillar
AD 2008 Oppo Scripps Institution of Oceanography graduate program.
OD 2007 Lentz Researcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
AD 2008 Tivey University of Washington graduate program in ocean science.
AF 2010 Tarrant MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student.
JF 2010 Lavery Working as lab assistant, WHOI. 10 day cruise to Georges Bank on the R/V Connecticut, 2010.
JF 2007 Charette MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student.
SG 2009 Canales University of Texas, Austin, graduate program.
CG 2007 Moore MS from University of Tolima in Colombia.
SH 2007 Fornari LDEO of Columbia University, Ph.D. program.
AH 2008 Kite-Powell, Hoagland University of Alaska Ph.D. program, NSF Fellowship.
TH 2008 Sievert B.S. in 2009, Fulbright Scholar to Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany.
RH 2010 Hahn Technical assistant at WHOI.
AH 2007 Dyhrman MS, 2011, MIT/WHOI Joint Program. Lab assistant position at Univ. of Nebraska (2011).
EH 2009 Sievert Univ. Washington/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, MCB program.
VH 2010 Polzin Cambridge University, MS program in mathematical biology.
YI 2009 Bernhard University of Southern California, PhD program in Earth Sciences.
JI 2010 Kinsey MIT, PhD program in Mechanical Engineering (2011), NSF Fellowship.
RK 2009 Mincer U.C. Berkeley. Ph. D. program in Microbiology (2011). Oceanographic cruise to Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver B.C., R/V Clifford Barnes.
PK 2008 Donnelly University of Idaho, Ph.D. program. NSF Fellowship.
MK 2008 Mcguire Laboratory assistant, UC Santa Cruz.
SK 2007 Soule MS 2010, MIT/WHOI Joint Program.
AL 2009 Tarrant Duke University, Ph.D. program.
DL 2007 Pratt Univ. of Washington, mathematics graduate program.
LL 2008 Hahn Employed at NIH in an immunology lab.
KL 2010 Raubenheimer, Anchor QEA engineering/hydrodynamic modeling team, Syracuse
CM 2007 Evans Cambridge University, Ph.D. Program.
DM 2007 Charette Peace Corps
KM 2008 White Woods Hole Group, Coastal Engineer (2009 – 2010), Currently Engineer I at WHOI. KNOX88 Cruise (38 days) to Mid-Atlantic Ridge Hydrothermal Vent Sites, R/V Roger Revelle, ROV Jason
JM 2008 Ashjian Currently working on a Community Supported Agriculture farm.
JM 2007 Schmitt Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Ph.D. program. NDSEG Fellowship.
TM 2010 Mincer Oklahoma Health Sciences, M.D. program with full-ride, 4yr. scholarship from U.S. Navy. HOTS cruise on R/V Kilo Moana.
GM 2009 Soule Univ. of Maryland, MS (2011); Univ. of New Hampshire Ph.D. programming ocean mapping.
EM 2010 Sosik MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student.
MM 2008 Raubenheimer Fellow, Zanzibar project, June 2009-Dec 2009; MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student. Awarded NSF and NDSEG Fellowship.
JM 2009 Charette University of California, Santa Cruz Ph.D. program.
SM 2008 Baumgartner Research Assistant, WHOI and NOAA NEFSC (2009-present) Two research cruises as SSF: F/V Ocean Olympic. July 29-August 20, 2008, Southeastern Bering Sea (Bristol Bay); and R/V Launch 1273, August 27-September 22, 2008, Beaufort Sea off Barrow, Alaska.
SN 2007 Canales MIT Ph.D. program.
KO 2009 Neubert Univ. of Washington Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management Ph.D. Program, NSF Fellowship.
AO 2008 Spall Princeton University, Ph.D. Program.
LO 2009 Lentz UC Berkeley, Chemistry Ph.D. program.
SP 2008 Buesseler Univ. of South Carolina, graduate program. RV Knorr cruise, Bermuda
LB 2007 Hoagland UC-Santa Barbara. MS degree in Environmental Management. Now employed by US Forest Service field office in California.
CP 2008 Jayne Harvard University Ph.D. Program (climate).
ER 2010 Curry/Maffei RPI “Tetherless World” Ph.D. program.
CS 2009 Singh University of RI graduate program.
RS 2009 Mullineaux VIMS graduate program.
ES 2010 Shank Scripps Institution of Oceanography Ph.D. program, NSF Fellowship.
LS 2010 Van Mooy Peace Corps, Cruise on R.V. Kilo Moana. North Pacific subtropical gyre for 2 weeks.
AS 2008 Saito Tufts University graduate program in Civil and Environmental Engineering.
SS 2010 Oppo Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Climate, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences program. IGERT Fellowship.
LS 2010 Karnauskas MS in Theoretical Physics, University of Waterloo; UC Santa Cruz Ph.D. program in Theoretical Physics.
MT 2007 Donnelly MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student.
JV 2010 Baumgartner MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student.
AW 2010 Helfrich MIT/WHOI Joint Program Ph.D. student.
LW 2008 Stegeman Brown University, Marine Conservation Science Ph.D. program.
SW 2009 Brink Scripps Institution of Oceanography Ph.D. program.
HZ 2010 Johnson Harvard University laboratory research assistant.
SZ 2009 Giosan Univ. of Wisconsin, Dept. of Limnology Ph.D. program.