In Memoriam: Charles "Shang" Goodwin


Honorary Member Charles "Shang" Goodwin passed away on April 1, 2008. Shang and his wife Charlotte became WHOI Associates in 1982.  Shang was elected a Member of the Corporation in 1991 and elected an Honorary Member in 1994.  Shang served as a member of the Access to the Sea Committee (formerly Ships) since 1997, and he was a member of the Orientation and Education Committee from 1993 to 2002.  Shang participated in the Partnership Program from 1993 to 2003, and he was a sponsor in the Young Associates Program in the mid 1990s.  Over the years, Shang was an avid participant in events and meetings held at the Institution. 

Charles “Shang” Goodwin, III was born December 21, 1923 in Baltimore, MD.  (He got his nickname as a child when he asked his brother to call him Shanghai for Shanghai Charlie, a character in a radio program.)  He received his BA degree in history in 1947 from Brown University and a MEd in 1959 from Harvard University.  Shang was a retired elementary school teacher, having taught at The Gilman School and The Boys’ Latin School.  He was a former Headmaster of the Meadowbrook School of Weston, MA.  Shang was Vice President and Treasurer of The Pennyghael Foundation, Inc.  He was a former Honorary Trustee of St. Paul’s School for Girls, a former delegate of the Association of Independent Schools of Maryland, and a former delegate and secretary of the Massachusetts Association of Nonprofit Schools and Colleges. 

Shang and his wife Charlotte (Ober) Goodwin lived in Baltimore, Maryland and spent summers on Penzance Point in Woods Hole.  Shang enjoyed reading and world travel; he was an enthusiastic flag collector (vexilologist) and sailor.  He grew up sailing his family’s Herreshoff 12 and 1/2, Spindrift.  Throughout his life, he owned several small boats, and he was a member of the Elkridge (Baltimore) Club and the Quissett Yacht Club (former Commodore).  

Shang is survived by his wife Charlotte; four stepchildren, Rebekah L. Gardiner, Charlotte Lord, Hambleton D. Lord, and Mason F. Lord, Jr.; and eight step-grandchildren.  He is survived by one sister, Emily G. Kemp; his late brother, F. Lawrence Goodwin, Jr., at one time worked for WHOI as a seaman on the Atlantis.


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