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Journal of Correct Oceanography

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» J. Correct Oceanogr., 1 (1), 1975.

» J. Correct Oceanogr., 2 (1), 1983.

» J. Correct Oceanogr., 2 (3), 1990.

This page provides the three issues (to date) of "Journal of Correct Oceanography" from Greg Holloway.

Of interest for AOMIP, vol. 2, no. 3 includes a map "The Whole World Ocean according to Max "depicting hypothetical flow if eddies alone drove mean circulation in the absence of all other influences such as external forcing and internal dissipation.  While reality necessarily includes forcing and dissipation, Max's map indicates an internal attractor toward which eddies may drive the ocean.   The Arctic portion of Max's map (v. 2, n. 3, pg 17) from 1990 anticipated much of what has since been inferred from observations and also what is being found in modern fine-grid eddy-active AOMIP models.

The Arctic portion of Max's map (1990)

It should be emphasized that Max's Arctic map is not seen as a proposed state of the Arctic.  When external forces such as wind or thermohaline drive the real Arctic away from Max's map, eddy forces arise which tend to resist such departures.  V. 2, n. 3 also includes the earliest suggestion of what has become the "neptune" parametrization used in some AOMIP models.

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