2009 Geodynamics Seminar: Climate Change: Forcing, Responses and Geo-engineering


Thursdays, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.
Clark Lab 507

Climate change is the theme of this year’s Geodynamics Seminar Series.  The talks will cover a wide range of time scales, from hundreds of millions of years to recent satellite observations.  We will examine the interaction between geodynamics and climate, such as the impact of mountain building and volcanic out-gassing on climate, or the deformation of the whole earth as a result of glacial-interglacial climate cycles.  We will also consider proposals for modifying our future climate on a global scale.


Bill Thompson, wthompson@whoi.edu
Bill Curry, wcurry@whoi.edu
Ken Sims, ksims@whoi.edu
Andrew Daly, adaly@whoi.edu