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Postdoctoral Scholar Fellowship Committee


The Committee is responsible for advising the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean for the award of Postdoctoral Scholar fellowships each year. The Committee’s procedures are established by the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean in consultation with the Educational Council, the Department Chairs, and the Institute Directors and the directors or leadership of other entities within WHOI supporting the regular award of a Postdoctoral Scholar fellowship.

It is the intent of the selection process over a five to ten year period to provide for a distribution of Postdoctoral Awards across the various sub-disciplinary areas within and between departments with attention to interdisciplinary research as appropriate and also taking into account the stipulations and wishes of donors or foundations establishing funds that support the Postdoctoral Scholar program.


The Committee consists of a representative from each of the WHOI Science Departments and is chaired by the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean or his/her designated representative. The representatives from each department are appointed from the Scientific Staff by mutual agreement of the Department Chair and the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean. The U. S Geological Survey in Woods Hole also has a member on the committee for purposes of advising with respect to the jointly appointed USGS/WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar. Committee membership terms are normally three years.

The current members are listed in the table below:

Postdoctoral Scholarship Fellowship Committee
Jim Yoder, Chair Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean
Rob Olson Biology Department Representative
Bill Martin Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Department Representative
Jeff McGuire Geology & Geophysics Department Representative
Peter Traykovski Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering Department Representative
Young-Oh Kwon Physical Oceanography Department Representative
ten Brink, Uri United States Geological Survey Representative
Poppe, Larry United States Geological Survey Representative
Curry, William Ocean & Climate Change Institute Representative
Reddy, Christopher Coastal Ocean Institute Representative
Tivey, Meg Deep Ocean Exploration Institute Representative
Davis, Cabell Ocean Life Institute Representative


Further information about any of the USGS Staff listed above can be found on the USGS Woods Hole Science Center Website