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NamePositionPhoneEmail Address
James Yoder Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean (508) 289-2200 jyoder@whoi.edu
Margaret K. Tivey
Associate Dean (508) 289-2436 mktivey@whoi.edu
Linda Cannata Guest Student Coordinator (508) 289-2207 lcannata@whoi.edu
Valerie Caron Housing Coordinator
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(508) 289-2971 vcaron@whoi.edu
Christine Charette Academic Programs Budget Manager (508) 289-2848 ccharette@whoi.edu
Janet Fields Postdoctoral and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Programs Coordinator (508) 289-2950 jfields@whoi.edu
Lea Fraser
Graduate Admissions and Student Affairs Officer (508) 289-2225 lfraser@whoi.edu
Katherine Madin Curriculum Coordinator (K-12) (508) 289-3639 kmadin@whoi.edu
Kama Thieler Summer Student Fellow Coordinator
Scientific Outreach Coordinator
(508) 289-3478 kthieler@whoi.edu
Ari Shapiro Postdoctoral Investigator   ashapiro@whoi.edu
Julia Westwater Registrar/Graduate & Undergraduate Administrator (508) 289-3379 jwestwater@whoi.edu