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Each NDSF vehicle is equipped with a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) navigation system and long baseline (LBL navigation. The bottom-lock Doppler sonar is used to compute accurate vehicle XYZ displacements, and the LBL navigational data is used to place the precise Doppler displacement data in a geographic coordinate frame.

Alvin Frame Grabber

Alvin Frame-Grabber

Contacts: Steve Lerner
The Frame-Grabber imaging system mounted on the submersible Alvin provides Web access to video imagery co-registered with vehicle navigation and attitude data for shipboard analysis, planning deep-submergence research cruises, and review of data following research expeditions.

Jason Virtual Control Van

Jason Virtual Control Van

Contacts: Steve Lerner or Andy Maffei
The Jason Virtual Control Van is a real-time logging system that provides functionality similar to the Alvin Frame Grabber. It is also equipped with an event logging system that is used to digitally log comments and observations during operations. The Virtual Van interface can also be accessed, and events can be logged, via a web browser running on the ship's network.