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September 6, 2007

Interrogating the 'Great Ocean Conveyor'

Is the Atlantic's circulation slowing down? Moorings in rough waters monitor the ocean's pulse.
Source: Oceanus Magazine
August 2, 2007

A 3-D Underwater Soundscape

A large-scale experiment sheds light on sound in the coastal ocean
Source: Oceanus Magazine
March 27, 2007

Letter from Kangiqsujuaq

A mooring in the remote Hudson Strait offers a finger on the pulse of unfolding Arctic change
Source: Oceanus Magazine
January 31, 2007

Reaching Up Into Perilous, Icy Waters

The 'Arctic Winch' sends sensors toward the underside of sea ice—and back again
Source: Oceanus Magazine
January 26, 2007

A Mooring Built to Survive the Irminger Sea

It takes a tough buoy to stand tall when tip jets howl off the Greenland ice cap
Source: Oceanus Magazine
ocean observatory
July 20, 2006

Scientists Gear Up to Launch Ocean Observing Networks

Stations throughout the oceans can monitor conditions and transmit data 24-7
Source: Oceanus Magazine
Researchers and crew members struggle to deploy a spar buoy in rough seas
April 5, 2006

The Hunt for 18° Water

Oceanographers examine “mode waters” that save the signals of past winters
Source: Oceanus Magazine
March 8, 2006

Dust Busters for the Oceans

A new instrument seeks answers that are blowing in the wind
Source: Oceanus Magazine
January 26, 2006

A Sentry at the Atlantic Gateway

Experimental mooring monitors water flow through Hudson Strait
Source: Oceanus Magazine
going wireless lead photo
January 11, 2006

Going Wireless in the Deep Blue

Deploying instruments to monitor the ocean is one thing. Getting daily reports from them is another.
Source: Oceanus Magazine
What Could a Tsunami  Network Look Like in  the Future?
March 29, 2005

What Could a Tsunami Network Look Like in the Future?

WHOI engineers develop the next generation of ocean monitoring technologies
Source: Oceanus Magazine
Seafloor to Surface to Satellite to Shore
January 1, 2000

Seafloor to Surface to Satellite to Shore

Moored buoys offer potential for continuous, real-time observations anywhere in the ocean
Source: Oceanus Magazine

WHOI News Releases

rtoss mooring
May 10, 2007

Real-Time Seismic Monitoring Station Installed Atop Active Underwater Volcano

A new mooring system advances technologies for monitoring geologic hazards in the coastal ocean
Source: Media Relations