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Reducing emissions is no longer enough to hold global temperature rise to manageable levels

Bold solutions are needed.

However, such solutions carry risks that must be understood and addressed before scale-up can occur. To meet this challenge, the private and public sector must work together to drive rapid innovation and ensure responsible action. By joining OCIA, you can contribute to meaningful progress in ocean science and engineering that is needed to address climate change and advance ocean and human health.


R/V Neil Armstrong
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Increase Awareness and Resources

Through OCIA, you can educate your stakeholders on the ocean’s inextricable connections to the global climate and weather, and raise awareness that comprehensive climate solutions require the ocean. Your partnership will mobilize resources across the private and public sectors to accelerate solutions. One organization cannot solve the climate crisis on its own.

Expand Needed Capabilities and Skills

OCIA is looking for organizations that can contribute communications, systems technologies, big data, and robotics expertise. Our consortium becomes more impactful as it scales because of increased resources, diversity of thought, skills, and technologies.


Opportunities for People

Joining OCIA offers opportunities to increase collaboration among partners, foster knowledge sharing, and improve expertise and skills among current and future talent.


Membership Level / Benefits Flagship Sponsor
Cash contribution annually for at least 3 years
Leadership Sponsor
$250,000 - $1,000,000

Cash contribution
General Sponsor
$100,000 - $250,000

Cash contribution
In-kind Sponsor

Contributes value/equipment/services equivalent to at least $100,000
Employee access to OCIA-related events, seminars, reports, and updates
Employee access to online community
IP licensing rights
(first refusal)
Opportunities for employee participation in OCIA and other projects
Non-Voting participation in Advisory Group that sets project “grand challenge” themes
Voting participation in Advisory Group that sets project “grand challenge” themes
Collaborative communications and public relations activities
Special events and dinners

We gratefully accept cash and in-kind support in any amount to advance the mission of the Ocean Climate Innovation Accelerator.

Interested in becoming a partner?
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“Through OCIA, we are committed to engaging ADI’s engineers and technologies to advance knowledge of the oceans, in order to gain a better understanding of how oceans are impacted by climate change and to develop solutions to restore ocean health. By doing so, we hope to drive meaningful impact on the global fight against climate change.”

- Vincent Roche

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