Thrusters (four 1.6-horsepower water jets) provide propulsion.
Fiber-optic tether to surface ship delivers two-way communications and video transmission.
The suit is made of aluminum alloy and weighs 500 to 600 pounds (240 kilograms), depending on its configuration. Its life support systems allow dives up to 50 hours to depths of 1,000 feet. Inside the suit, pressure is maintained at one atmosphere, allowing divers to surface quickly without decompression. The suit opens at the torso to allow divers to enter and exit.
Viewport allows a relatively  wide perspective.
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High-definition camera offers real-time video.
High-powered LED Lights illuminate the depths.
Rotatable Joints enhance divers’ maneuverability.
Manipulators affixed to each arm enable divers to grasp objects and perform tasks.
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Foot pedals inside suit lets divers control thrusters to move in all directions.