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Fiamma Straneo

Fiamma Straneo grew up in landlocked Milan, Italy, but spent her summers sailing around the Mediterranean with her family. Combining her physics background with an interest in earth sciences and the ocean, she earned a Ph.D. degree at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 1995, right after a two-month cruise on a Russian ship in the middle of the icy Sea of Okhotsk, Straneo participated in the summer Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program at WHOI. Walking around Eel Pond, discussing science, and swimming every day seemed hard to beat, so she came back to Woods Hole to pursue postdoctoral studies in 1999, where she has used models and observations to understand convection regions, where some of the densest ocean waters are formed, and found herself back in icy waters. When on land, she is an organic farmer, "growing my own food, preserving the biodiversity of our vegetables, and pursuing sustainable living."

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