In Memoriam: Wayne A. Bailey


The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution announces with great sorrow the death of retiree Wayne A. Bailey.  He was 64.

Wayne began working at WHOI in 1977 as an ordinary seaman on the Knorr and was also occasional relief on the Oceanus.  In 1983, he transferred to Atlantis II.  In 1996, he transferred to the Atlantis. Throughout his 36-year career, he was promoted to able bodied seaman and bosun. He retired in 2013.

Dick Pittenger, former vice president for WHOI’s Marine Facilities & Operations, said, “Wayne was larger than life. Like WHOI’s other bosuns, Wayne was an accomplished seaman, a skilled professional. He also was unquestionably ‘in charge’ of deck operations. No seamanship challenge was too great for Wayne Bailey. In addition, he was a great shipmate both at sea and ashore. He is missed.”

Further information will be posted when available.


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