Online Sample Submission, Status & Results

Client Web Portal

The secure Client Web Portal allows NOSAMS clients to perform three tasks:

  1. Enter required submission data online (prior to sending samples)
  2. Check sample status
  3. Retrieve radiocarbon results

The user name in the Web Portal must be the email address that will be used for all future correspondence including acknowledgement of receipt, estimate of fees, report of results and invoices.

During the submission process, you will be asked to provide details to help us analyze your samples (such as sample type, size, and prior treatment), as well as information about funding and payment. No sample can be analyzed until all the required information is provided through the Web Portal.

Note that you can log in, start a submission process and save it for later. When you log back into the Portal you have the option to resume at the point where you left off or start over (if you saved the submission ). Certain entries are required, and leaving them blank will trigger validation procedures that may instruct you to correct or add additional information. Required information will be highlighted in yellow. More details regarding sample submission are available on the following web pages:

General Guidelines for Preparing AMS Samples
Sample Types
Methods/Sample Processes
Sample Preparation Guidelines
Radiocarbon Data & Calculations
Fees for Radiocarbon Analyses
Average Turnaround Time

By pressing the button below a new window will pop up and allow you to log into our secure Web Portal to start your session:

After entering submission information through the Portal please mail your samples to:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
NOSAMS Sample Submission
Attn:  K. Elder MS #8
266 Woods Hole Rd
Woods Hole, MA  02543

Last updated: January 30, 2019