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  • What is MyWHOI?
    MyWHOI is an intranet portal that allows you to edit personal information, manage your email accounts, view internal and external content generated from RSS feeds, and view modules such as the WHOI directory, weather from, quick links, and more.

    Functionality of MyWHOI includes:
    • Edit Personal Info
      Add/edit/view your profile (education, research interests, etc) and contact (telephone, address, etc) information. Also preview how your directory page appears on the internal and external WHOI sites.
    • Email Manager
      View your email account(s) and edit information such as password, vacation message, forwarding, etc.
    • Layout Preferences
      Move modules to or from the left or right columns or up or down. You can also close or add new modules.
    • My Content
      Your content will appear in the middle column of your MyWHOI homepage and is comprised of internal and/or external RSS feeds. You can a or edit RSS feeds by clicking the "Edit" button next to "My Content".
    MyWHOI modules include:
    • My Links
      Add internal/external links that will allow you to easily access web pages.
    • My Sites
      Access your homepage, built with the Homepage Builder, or add/edit a site built using Site Builder.
    • Search WHOI
      Type in a word(s) to search the WHOI website.
    • Weather from
      Receive up to the minute weather report from Change the zip code by clicking "edit".
    • WHOI Directory
      Search for an WHOI person's contact information. Also the "more" feature allows you to view any individuals full directory page.
    Adding Content to MyWHOI
    To add content to your MyWHOI page:
    • Click "edit" button next to "My Content"
    • Check the box next to the desired content and/or add your own content by entering the address of an external RSS feed. Then, click "Next".
    • Rank your content to determine what order it appears on your MyWHOI Homepage and change the number and frequency of items displayed.
    • Your content will now appear on your homepage through the use of RSS feeds
    What is an RSS Feed?
    RSS, or "Really Simple Syndication", is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites, including major news sites like CNN, science/technolgy sites like Nature, and personal weblogs. The feeds allow users to quickly see the headlines and new content from their favorite websites, without having to actually visit the website. If the new headline or content interests the user, then they can visit the website to read the whole story if not already provided in the feed.

    Pretty much anything that can be broken down into discrete items can be syndicated via RSS. Once information about each item is in RSS format, an RSS-aware program, such as MyWHOI, can check the feed for changes and react to the changes in an appropriate way. If you are interested in creating a feed of your web content/data, please contact the Web Group at and we will let you know if it is feasible to turn your content/data into a feed and the best way to do it.

    How do I add an RSS feed to MyWHOI?
    We've provided some RSS feeds on MyWHOI but there are many other feeds you can add to your "My Content".

    To add a feed to MyWHOI:
    • Locate a feed on the internet (See below "Finding RSS Feeds")
    • Copy the url of the feed
    • In MyWHOI click "edit" next to "My Content"
    • At the bottom of the page click "Add an RSS feed" within the "Personal" catagory
    • Enter the name of the feed, such as "Netflix Queue" and paste the url into the "RSS Feed Url" field. Edit any additional information for the feed.
    • Click "Save"
    • The feed will now appear in the "Personal" category
    • Click "Next" to rank and edit your feeds
    • Click "Finish". You should now see the feed in your "My Content" window.
    Finding RSS feeds
    You can find RSS feeds either by going to a individual website providing a feed or to a RSS feed directory site that lists multiple feeds.

    Finding a feed on a website
     Websites often let you know there is a feed by putting a link on their homepage. Look for "RSS" or an orange button that says "XML". You can also search google for RSS feeds. Example search is "science and technology RSS feeds".

    Suggested RSS feed resources websites
    Jordo Media
    A great resource for finding, reading, submitting, and learning about RSS feeds.
    Find and submit RSS news feeds on a wide variety of topics. One of the biggest RSS feed databases.

    Search the Internet for listings, news, and blogs.

    Yahoo! News
    Yahoo! News is a great place to get RSS feeds of your favorite news topics. Just search for your news item and there will be a link to the RSS feed on the results page.

    Editing My Personal Info
    By clicking the "edit personal info" button, you can view and/or edit your personal information your such as contact, profile, and job information.

    Official Information
    Employees of the institution will see an "Official information" bar at the top of their personal information page. This information is generated from WHOI's Human Resource database and contains information that appears on your tax record. You cannot edit this information through MyWHOI. If it is incorrect or if you have questions, please contact your HR Representative or login to Employee Online.

    MyWHOI Information
    Your MyWHOI personal information feeds your online directory pages, the phone directory, and applications such as Grant and Contract Services, and shipping and receiving.

    Preview your directory page
    You have the option within your MyWHOI Information to preview your external and internal directory page. Most of your MyWHOI information has viewability options that will be reflected on your directory pages. For example, you may wish that your cell phone number be available to internal users and not external users.

    Viewability options include:
    External - Viewable by external and internal users
    Internal - Viewable only to internal users
    Private - Only viewable by you

    Your profile appears on your directory page(s)—you have the option within the profile to indicate whether your profile is viewable externally and internally, internally only, or is private.

    Available names include:

    Formal name: Everyone has a formal name. It is the name that appears within applications such as Grants and Contract Services and Shipping and Receiving. If you do not wish to use your formal name for your directory pages, you can add an "informal name"

    Informal Name: You can add an informal name, or nickname, to be used instead of your formal name on your internal and external directory pages. Make sure to indicate that you would like your "display name." Example: Formal name = James M. Doe, Informal Name = Jim Doe

    If you have any remaining questions please browse our faqs.

    Adding Content
    Q. I would like to add a "feed" from one of my webpage, instrument, or sensor. Can I do this?
    It depends. If you are interested in add a rss feed to be viewed in MyWHOI, please contact and we will review your request to see if creating a rss feed is possible.

    Editing Personal Information
    Q. What is the difference between "formal" and "informal" name?
    Your "formal" name is the name used by applications such as shipping and receiving ang grants and contract services. If you do not indicate an "informal" name it will also be used as your display name on your directory pages. If you do not want your "formal" name to appear on your directory pages, then add an "informal" name and select it as your display name.

    Q. How do I make a piece of personal information, such as my cell phone, viewable only to internal audiences?
    When you add or edit your personal information, you may select it's "viewability". If you choose "external" the item will be viewable on both your internal and external directory page. If you choose "internal" then it will only be viewable on your "internal" page. If you choose "private" then the database stores the information but it is not displayed on any directory page.

    Q. If I change any pesonal information in MyWHOI, will it also change in Employee Online?
    No. The information stored in Employee Online is stored in a separate database than the MyWHOI information. If you have any questions, please contact your HR representative.

    Q. Who else can change my personal information other than myself?
    Currently no one but you can change your personal information.

    Q. Will I get notified via email if my personal information is changed?
    No. You will not get notified if you change your own information. In the future, we may allow others to change your information. In this case, you will be notified if someone else changes your information.

    Q. Will changes I make in my personal information immediately reflect in the internal and/or external directory? Yes. Depending on the "viewability" settings you have selected any information changed will immediately be reflected in the directory(s).

    Q. How come I sometimes need to sign-in again to access my personal information or e-mail accounts?
    This is for security reasons. You can tell MyWHOI to remember you on a computer so you do not have to relogin every time you access it. We would like to make sure that another person cannot access your information on a computer that has remembered you, therefore, we require that you sign in again. If you access your personal information within 15 minutes of login, you will not have to login again.

    If you have any additional questions or would like to send feedback, please email the WHOI Web Group and
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