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Study: Great white sharks are swimming farther and deeper

:: Associated Press

Whale sharks draw attention of researchers

:: Cape Cod Times

Oceanography: Shark Shakedown

:: Martha's Vineyard Magazine

Great White Shark Passing By Bermuda Again

:: Bernews

Yes, Some Greenland Sharks Are Old, but 400 Years Old?!

:: Discover Magazine

The R/V Neil Armstrong Arrives In Woods Hole

:: The Falmouth Enterprise

Study: Shark strikes on drone help understand behavior

:: Cape Cod Times

What to do if you see a shark in the water


Locals say flounder are coming back

:: The Patriot Ledger

It's time for Shark Week to redeem itself


Mainers keep lookout in wake of shark reports

:: Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

Is it really that dangerous to high-five a great white shark?

:: The Christian Science Monitor

Rare shark birth captured in stunning first-ever photo

:: Science Recorder

Teen Whale Shark Hangout Discovered in Red Sea

:: Live Science

Great White Shark Attack Caught On Camera

:: Good Morning America

Shark vs. underwater camera

:: CBS Evening News

Devil Rays Dive Over A Mile Deep

:: Popular Science

Diving Devil Rays

:: California Academy of Sciences

Great White shark tagged for research

:: Longboat Keys News

Two great white sharks swimming off Lee County


Bruce Museum opens deep sea exhibit

:: Greenwich-Post

Sharks Combine All Their Senses While Hunting

:: Counsel & Heal

Solving an evolutionary puzzle

:: R&D Magazine

Solving an evolutionary puzzle


Great whites get a new follower

:: Cape Cod Times

New study finds extreme longevity in white sharks

:: Terra Daily

New WHOI study finds white sharks live longer than thought

:: Martha's Vineyard Times

Great white sharks can live into their 70s


White sharks live as long as we do

:: Cape Cod Today

Great Whites Could Be Longest-Lived Sharks

:: Discovery News

Great white sharks' life span tripled to over 70

:: Japan Times

Atomic bombs prove that Jaws lives on

:: The Times of London

Great white sharks are long lived

:: BBC News

Great white sharks can live as long as humans

:: Mother Nature Network

Great white sharks 'live for 70 years'

:: BBC News

Great White Sharks Can Live Into Their 70s, Study Shows

:: The Weather Channel

Great White Sharks Live As Long As Humans

:: Live Science

How researchers are tracking great white sharks

:: Wired UK

What a Shark's Nose Knows

:: Boston University Today

Great white shark in Placentia Bay

:: The Compass

Not everyone happy about shark tagging off Chatham

:: Wicked Local Chatham

Despite contaminated harbor, one species thrives

:: SouthCoast Today

Ocearch shark tagging mission ends Friday

:: Cape Cod Today

Group researches elusive great white sharks

:: Boston Globe

Great White Shark Tracking Follows the Fish

:: Discovery News

Shark tagging group points to progress

:: Cape Cod Times

Great white sharks become the hunted

:: The Times of London

Great White Shark Tagging Expedition Sets Sail Today

:: The Weather Channel

The Great White Shark Returns to Cape Cod

:: Outside Magazine

Mass. scientists hope to learn more about sharks

:: Boston Herald

Tracking Their Movement


Researchers hope to tag 20 sharks off Cape Cod

:: Boston Globe

How will you celebrate Shark Week 2013?


Shark Week becomes Shark Month on Cape Cod

:: Cape Cod Today

Summer shark research heats up at WHOI

:: Cape Cod Today

Aquaculture: How's It Growing?

:: The Point- WCAI

Seals, Sharks, Fish, and Humans

:: The Point- WCAI

New Bedford company sees profit in waste

:: Southcoast Business Bulletin

Expert takes a bite out of shark myths

:: Sippican Week

Fishing for the big bucks

:: Cape Cod Times

SPH Superfund Program Secures $11 Million from NIH

:: Boston University

Cape sport fishing gutted by seals

:: Cape Cod Times

Cape Cod towns seek grant for shark awareness

:: The Boston Globe

Listening in on 100 Million Fish

:: Conservation Magazine

The Radioactive Fish Of Fukushima

:: Scientific American

Fukushima fish inedible for a decade

:: The Himalayan

Fukushima fish: Still off the menu


Cesium levels in fish off Fukushima not dropping

:: The Boston Globe

What a Shark's Nose Knows

:: BU Today

Tropical Fish Ear Bones Reveal High Habitat Connectivity

:: The Epoch Times

Tracking fish through a coral reef seascape


Shark sightings shut down Cape Cod beaches

:: CBS News

Recent Surge in Shark Sightings Belies Their Dramatic Declines

:: Martha's Vineyard Gazette

Air patrols boost shark watch

:: Boston Herald

Great white suspected in attack off Cape Cod

:: CBS This Morning

Tracking Great White Sharks

:: BU Today

Salmon Says: Should you Worry about Radiation in your Wild Pacific Fish?

:: Huffington Post Canada (blog)

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: May 9

:: D Magazine

Coastal Fish Exhibits Genetic Resistance to Toxic Chemical

:: The Epoch Times

Pollution triggers genetic resistance mechanism in a coastal fish

:: Bioscience Technology

Bicoastal Atlantic bluefin tuna

:: Science News