Sea Level Rise


From Oceanus Magazine

Blue Holes and Hurricanes

Geological marvels are gold mines for climate history

More Floods & Higher Sea Levels

Geological records help forecast escalating coastal hazards

Scientists Find Trigger That Cracks Lakes

Fast-draining lakes atop Greenland ice sheet could accelerate sea level rise

The Jetyak

WHOI engineers develop a new type of ocean robot

A Mooring in Iceberg Alley

Fjords may link warming oceans and melting glaciers

Science in Service to the Nation

A conversation with oceanographer Ray Schmitt

Knorr Shoots the Moon (Pool) to Drill for Coral

Coral cores offer an unprecedented record of the rise and fall of Earth's sea level

Rising Sea Levels and Moving Shorelines

New tools and techniques show promise for better predictions and decisions about coastline change