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Searching for ‘Super Reefs’

Corals are threatened by changing ocean conditions

The Unseen World on Coral Reefs

A hidden microbiome underlies health of reef ecosystems

A Double Whammy for Corals

Global warming and local weather combine to cause massive bleaching

In the Gardens of the Queen

Joint U.S.-Cuban expedition explores pristine Cuban coral reefs

How Do Fish Find Their Way?

Hatched in the ocean, larvae may use sound to settle on reefs

Coral Crusader

Student seeks clues to conserve beleaguered reefs

Hidden Battles on the Reefs

How will corals fare in a changing ocean?

Trouble in the Tropics

Scientist explores mysterious food-borne illness: ciguatera

Coral-Current Connections

Remote island lies in a strategic spot for research

Corals' Indispensable Bacterial Buddies

Like humans, corals may be superorganisms

A Quest For Resilient Reefs

Corals are threatened by the ocean's changing chemistry

Groundwater: The River No One Sees

Corals help measure hidden flow

Do Oil and Corals Mix?

WHOI scientists explore impacts of Deepwater Horizon

Coral Sanctuaries in a Warming World?

Change in equatorial current may slow warming near small islands

Life and Death in the Deep Sea

Does the Gulf oil spill threaten vital seafloor communities?

The Once and Future Corals

An audio slideshow: Research on the reefs

Voyage to the Remote Phoenix Islands

Eight atolls in the Pacific represent the world's largest marine protected area

Jason Meets the Carnivorous Sea Squirt

Expedition to the Tasman Fracture finds unknown species

Biochemical Warfare on the Reef

In a co-evolutionary struggle, invertebrate adversaries develop weapon and counter-weapon

Knorr Shoots the Moon (Pool) to Drill for Coral

Coral cores offer an unprecedented record of the rise and fall of Earth's sea level

Coral Catastrophe on the Corner Rise Seamounts

Fishing trawlers likely caused extensive damage to deep-sea coral communities

Dead Corals Do Tell Tales

Growing a little each day, coral skeletons keep a daily archive of past ocean temperatures

What Other Tales Can Coral Skeletons Tell?

Scientists strive to get into the genes of fossil corals to extract their evolutionary history

The Coral-Climate Connection

The skeletons of corals on the seafloor preserve records of how ocean circulation has changed

Lullaby for Larvae

A WHOI biologist becomes a midwife for Antarctic deep-sea corals

Coral Gardens in the Dark Depths

Scientists seek to learn more about these abundant, fragile, and now-threatened communities