Coastal Ecosystems


From Oceanus Magazine

Marshes, Mosquitoes, and Sea Level Rise

How did mosquito-control methods affect coastal marshes?

The Unseen World on Coral Reefs

A hidden microbiome underlies health of reef ecosystems

The Recipe for a Harmful Algal Bloom

Many ingredients mix in the ocean to make toxic shellfish

Life at the Edge

Plankton growth at the shelf break front

The Bacteria on Your Beaches

Are more antibiotic-resistant bacteria getting into the ocean?

Reassessing Guidelines for Oil Spill Cleanups

Sunlight plays key overlooked role in fate of oil in the ocean

A Long Trail of Clues Leads to a Surprise About Oil Spills

Sunlight transforms oil compounds on the ocean surface

Who Grows There?

Scientists take a closer look at biofouling marine life

Can Clams and Oysters Help Clean Up Waterways?

Survey shows potential for shellfish to reduce excess nitrogen

A Double Whammy for Corals

Global warming and local weather combine to cause massive bleaching

Long-term Study Focuses on New England Ocean

Research to explore abundant, rapidly changing ecosystem

Tiny Jellyfish with a Big Sting

Scientists investigate where toxic invaders came from

In the Gardens of the Queen

Joint U.S.-Cuban expedition explores pristine Cuban coral reefs

Scientist-Fisherman Partnership

Collaboration spurs mutual benefits for research and industry

Eavesdropping on Whales

Acoustic buoy could one day help ships avoid collisions

A Big Decline of River Herring

Tiny stones in fish hold clues to help restore populations

Radioactivity Under the Beach?

Pollution from Fukushima disaster found in unexpected spot

Eavesdropping on Shrimp's Snap Chat

Tiny animals dominate the undersea soundscape

No Stone Unturned

'Ear stones' provide clues to help restore river herring

Recipes for Antibiotic Resistance

A student examines the bacterial bouillabaisse in the coastal ocean

A Green Thumb for Ocean Microbes

Growing marine bacteria in the laboratory is a challenge

Sand, Seals, and Solitude

Scientists and teachers collaborate to inspire students

Hidden Battles on the Reefs

How will corals fare in a changing ocean?

From Lab to Sea

New course gives students hands-on training in the field

The Mesocosm Lab

New WHOI experimental facility replicates nature on smaller scales

Mysterious Jellyfish Makes a Comeback

Rise in toxic stings has scientists on the alert

Corals' Indispensable Bacterial Buddies

Like humans, corals may be superorganisms

The Great South Channel

Where marine life meets to feast every spring

Between the Beach and the Deep Blue Sea

Student explores the dynamic gateway of the shallow inner shelf

Where the Food Is in the Sea, and Why

Student unravels the physics at the fertile continental shelf break

A Torrent of Crabs Running to the Sea

A student uncovers the natural history of a little-known species

Shellfish's Mysterious Pathways to Adulthood

A grad student peers into the lives of larvae, before they grow up to be scallops

One Man's Swamp Is a Fish's Nursery

Grad student examines otoliths (fish ear bones) to protect critical areas for juvenile coral reef fish

Invasion of the 'Alien Vomit'?

A video on a potentially growing threat: sea squirts

Are Sea Squirts Crowding Out Scallops?

Invasive species is found on key shellfish habitat: eelgrass

Are Pollutants Disrupting Marine Ecosystems?

A WHOI researcher stands up for the spineless invertebrates in coastal waters

Still Toxic After All These Years

Does oil spilled in 1969 still have impacts on wildlife? Ask a fiddler crab.

New 'Eyes' Size Up Scallop Populations

The HabCam undersea camera system can help assess seafloor fish stocks

A Mysterious Disease Is Infecting Northeast Clam Beds

...But a new technique is revealing the secrets of QPX ('Quahog Parasite Unknown')

Cold Comfort for Barnacles

Researchers are surprised to find that frozen barnacle larvae can revive

Big Trouble from Little Squirts

WHOI scientist investigates a troublesome invasive species

The Coastal Ocean Institute

At the coast—where air, sea, land, and people meet

Rites of Passage for Juvenile Marine Life

Learning from the life-or-death journeys of barnacle, lobster, and clam larvae

Where the Rivers Meet the Sea

The transition from salt to fresh water is turbulent, vulnerable, and incredibly bountiful