Lecture Series


The Summer Lecture Series provides our Summer Student Fellows and entering Joint Program Students with a popular and very useful introduction to the breadth of oceanographic research at WHOI. The speakers are asked to gear their talks to a college Junior/Senior level, and we ask speakers to remember that many in their audience will have had little or no previous oceanography course work. Speakers are encouraged to make their talks as interactive as possible in order to motivate students to participate and ask questions.

"I really appreciated the Summer Lecture Series--I think that one of the best parts of the SSF program is that you become exposed to all different areas of Oceanography, and the lecture series was one of the primary methods for doing so! I feel like I learned so much, and it really broadened my horizons." SSF '11

2015 Summer Student Lecture Series

Monday, June 1  
(Redfield Aud)

Welcome to WHOI & Safety Lecture
10:00 – Welcome to WHOI
Lauren Mullineax, Chair of Summer Student Fellowship Committee
Valerie Caron, Housing Coordinar

Michael Moore, IACUC Committee
10:30 –  Maureen Auro, Safety Orientation

11:45 – WHOI/MBL Library tour 

Monday, June 8 (Clark 507)

9:30 – David Clark, AOPE, "Breaking Waves are like Giant Spoons Stirring the Ocean”
10:00Scott Doney, MC&G, “Ocean Acidification”

Monday, June 15
(Redfield Aud)

9:30 – Ann Tarrant, BIO, “Biological Rhythms in Marine Animals”
10:00 – Meg Tivey, MC&G, “The Influence of the Tonga Subduction Zone on Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits in the Lau Back Arc Basin”

Monday, June 22
(Clark 507)

9:30 – Ray Schmitt, PO, “Salinity and the Global Water Cycle”

10:00Konrad Hughen, MC&G, “Coral Geochemical Records of Climate and Environmental Change”

Monday, June 29
(Redfield Aud)

9:30 – Porter Hoagland, MPC, “Comparing Policies for Responding to Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)”
10:00 – Anna Michel, AOPE, “Laser-based Chemical Sensors for Ocean Environments”

Monday, July 6
(Clark 507)

9:30 – Dan Repeta, MC&G, “Microbial carbon cycling, climate, and the role of iron-organic complexes in the marine food web”

10:00 – Veronique Le Roux, G&G, “Geology Going 3-D: New Prospects for Earth Sciences”

Monday, July 13

Tioga cruise week - no lectures scheduled

Monday, July 20
(Redfield Aud)

9:30 – Amy Bower, PO, “An Armada of Floats for Observing the Deep Circulation of the Gulf of Mexico”

10:00 – Mike Neubert, BIO, “Bioeconomic Models and Marine Reserves”

Monday, July 27
(Clark 507)

9:30 – Glen Gawarkiewicz, PO, “Rapid Response Oceanographic Measurements for Northeast Hurricanes”

10:00 – Meagan Gonneea, USGS, “Salt marshes under sea level rise: Implications for Blue Carbon”

Monday, August 3
(Redfield Aud)

9:30 – Mark Hahn, BIO, “Survivor: New Bedford Harbor - Coping with Extreme Pollution”

10:00 - Sune Nielsen, G&G, “When and from where did Earth get its ocean?”