R/V Atlantis Internal Ships Network


There are three networks available to science on board the Atlantis.

  • The science network in the labs has shore internet access.
  • The cabin network available in the cabins, no shore internet access.
  • wireless in some of the labs, and on deck, no shore internet access.

The science network offers up DHCP, NTP, and access to the ship collected data.

Shipboard email for scientists while at sea is available.

  • Email address is: firstinitiallastname@atlantis.whoi.edu
  • This email account does have a 10k filter, which is a couple of pages of plain ole text, the filter can be increased.
  • Email is exchanged  every 10 minutes.
  • This is the primary means of on-ship/internal communications between science party members during the cruise.

Wireless available on deck and within labs, but the wireless does not have access to the Internet. Wireless network provides access to ship e-mail, printing, and cruise data only.

  • General use computers with Internet access are available in the different labs.
  • B&W and color printers and color plotters which are network accessible.
  • A low speed/bandwith scanner is available.