Labs & Groups by Department


Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Advanced Engineering Laborator (AEL)
Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory (AIVL)
Air-Sea Interaction Group
Archaeology in Deep Water
Coastal and Ocean Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Deep Submergence Laboratory (DSL)
Hanumant Singh's Website
Instrument Systems Development Lab (IDSL)
Mooring Operations & Engineering (MOE)

Ocean Acoustics & Signals Lab (OASL)
Ocean Observatories Initiative Coastal & Global Scale Nodes
Ocean Systems Laboratory (OSL)
Optical Communication
Prototype Implementation Group


Aluru Lab
Aplacophora Home Page
Anderson Lab
Ashjian Lab
Baumgartner Lab
Bernhard (Joan) Lab
Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO_DMO)
Caswell Lab
Computerized Scanning and Imaging Facility (CSI)
Dacey Lab
Dyhrman Phytoplankton and Marine Biogeochemistry Laboratory
Edgcomb Laboratory
Fish Ecology Lab
Hahn Lab
The Harmful Algae Page
Jenouvrier Lab
Ji Biological-Physical Modeling Lab
Kellner Lab
Laney Laboratory
Lawson Lab
Marine Mammal Behavior Laboratory
Marine Mammal Sensory Systems Laboratory
Microbial and Molecular Ecology of Aquatic Ecosystems
Molecular Ecology & Evolution Lab (Timothy Shank)
The Mullineaux Lab
The Olson Lab
Pineda’s Benthic Ecology Lab
Sensory Physiology and Sensory Ecology Lab
Sievert Microbial Ecology and Physiology Lab
The Sosik Lab
Stegeman Lab
Tarrant Lab
Wiebe Lab

Geology & Geophysics

Arctic Group
Biogeochemistry Laboratory

Cape Abilities Partnership
Coastal Systems Group
Cohen Lab
Digital Image Analysis Laboratory (DIAL)
Edgcomb Lab
Ice-Ocean Environmental Buoy Program (IOEB)
The Mantle Rocks (Veronique Le Roux)
Marine Seismology and Geoacoustics Group
Microbial Biogeochemistry Group
Micropaleontology Mass Spectrometry Facility
Northeast National Ion Microprobe Facility
National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (NOSAMS) Facility
Ocean Bottom Magnetology Laboratory
Ocean Bottom Seismology Lab
Paleoceanography & Climate Group
Plasma Mass Spectrometry Facility
Seafloor Samples Laboratory

Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Café Thorium (The Buesseler Group)
Coastal Groundwater Geochemistry (Matt Charette, PI; Kevin Kroeger & Matt Allen)
Computational Biogeochemistry Group (Scott Doney, PI)
Gulf Coast Sample Repository 
ISIS Consortium
Marine Microbial Biogeochemistry Lab
Molecular Environmental Science (Kujawinski Lab)
Mercury Biogeochemistry at WHOI
Microbial Biogeochemistry Group
Noble Metals Group
Nutrient Analytical Facility
Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry
Ocean Flux Program (OFP) (M. Conte, PI)
Petroleum Organic Geochemical Group (POGG)
Plasma Mass Spectrometry Facility
Saito Lab Marine Bioinorganic Chemistry
SEA-AER Group: The Development of Aerosol & Rainwater Samplers and Sensors for Ocean Buoys
Spivak Mesocosm Lab
Van Mooy Lab
Woods Hole World River Group

Physical Oceanography

Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project

Arctic Group
Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Fine- and Micro- structure Mixing Group
Float Technical Operations Group
Ice-Ocean Environmental Buoy Progra (IOEB)

Ice-Tethered Profiler
Line W
Mooring Operation, Engineering, and Field Support Group
Ocean Observatories Initiative Coastal & Global Scale Nodes
Ocean Mixing Group

Physical Oceanography Observing Laboratory
Pickart Research
SeaSoar Labs
Straneo Research Group
Sub-Surface Mooring Operations Group (SSMOG)
UNOLS East Coast Winch Pool
Upper Ocean Processes Group
WHOI Argo Program
WOCE Float Data Assembly Centre