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Go Down Jason, Let My Mooring Go

When a trigger mechanism failed to release a key deep-sea instrument, WHOI physical oceanographer Ruth Curry brought together a gung-ho team to try to retrieve it.


Jason versus the Volcano

Undersea robot provides a rare close-up view of a deep-sea eruption.


Jason to the Rescue

The vehicle recovers instruments stuck in lava.

NW Rota 2009 Expedition to the Mariana Volcanic Arc

April 3-17, 2009 - An international science team studied an erupting undersea volcano near the Island of Guam and captured dramatic new video and still images of the eruptive activity of NW Rota-1.

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Jason Meets the Carnivorous Sea Squirt

Expedition to the Tasman Fracture finds unknown species
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Happy as a (Newly Discovered) Clam

Want to find something on the seafloor? Engineer Tom Crook's your man.
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Rescue Mission on the Seafloor

Could Jason recover instruments stuck to the seafloor by newly erupted lava?
Source: Oceanus Magazine

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