Employee Portraits


Several thousand people have been employed here since the Institution's founding in 1930, and many of them served WHOI for most of their careers. While each of those featured had long service records, the objective of the gallery is to honor the contributions of all WHOI employees and to recognize the broad spectrum of talents and jobs needed to make an oceanographic research institution successful.

Many of the employee portraits profiles below were created in honor of the Institution's 75th anniversary.


Jim Broadus


Dean Bumpus


Mary Sears


Support Staff

Hovey Clifford

Research support, shipboard scientific services, dock master, volunteer

Jerry Cotter

Ship crew

Mark Hickey

Reproduction Services

Marga McElroy

Research and observatory support

Ellyn Montgomery

Instrument development and data manager

Charlie Innis

Executive Assistant

Terry Rioux

Diving Safety Officer