Institution Given Awards


Arnold B. Arons Award for Excellence in Teaching, Advising, and Mentoring

This Award was established by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to honor the memory of Dr. Arnold B. Arons, long serving Trustee and Honorary Trustee of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

B.H. Ketchum Award

The Ketchum Award was established in 1983 to honor an internationally recognized scientist who demonstrates an innovative approach to coastal research, leadership in the scientific community, and attention to the effects of marine pollution on the coastal environment and society.

George P. Panteleyev Award

The George "Gera" Pavlovich Panteleyev Award is conferred annually on the MIT/WHOI or WHOI Graduate Student in the graduating class for that academic year who best exemplifies the commitment to improving the graduate education experience and graduate student life at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Henry Bryant Bigelow Medal in Oceanography

The Bigelow Award is presented "to those who make significant inquiries into the phenomena of the sea."

Henry Melson Stommel Medal

This medal is to be awarded "to individuals who have made fundamental and enduring contributions to observing and understanding ocean processes."

Mary Sears Women Pioneers in Oceanography Award

The Mary Sears Woman Pioneers in Oceanography Award recognizes long-term, life achievement and impact, with special consideration given to candidates who also have shown leadership through mentoring junior scientists, technicians, or students.

Rear Admiral Richard F. Pittenger, USN (Ret) Fellowship

The fellowship will be awarded each year to a United States naval officer in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program.