Academics in AOPE

The joint program in Applied Ocean Science & Engineering offers graduate students the opportunity to plan an exciting career researching the ocean and ocean technologies. Students are given the chance to select individual paths combining mathematical and engineering skills with oceanography. Through the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Applied Ocean Science and Engineering (AOSE), the following degrees may be earned: Master of Engineering, Master of Science, Engineer, Ph.D. and Sc.D. Committees made up of faculty from each institution make all decisions of substance, from admissions to degree granting. The joint degrees awarded are single documents issued by both institutions.

Our students have discovered new career opportunities in academic and research communities, private industries, environmental corporations and the federal government. These opportunities promise to develop still further as the world turns toward the ocean with greater frequency to meet its needs for energy, food, minerals, and transportation.


Students from virtually all U.S. and foreign universities that have marine interests have participated in the research at WHOI since it was founded in 1930.


The MIT-WHOI Joint Program draws from the resources of two preeminent institutions to form one of the largest oceanographic faculties in the world. Experts in their fields instruct students using personal research and field studies to support graduate education in ocean sciences and oceanographic engineering.

Student Research

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