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Volcanic activity shapes the Earth around us. In the oceans, mid-ocean ridge (MOR) volcanism creates new ocean crust. On land, volcanoes stand out as prominent features, their eruptive products can build new land on ocean islands, but pose signficant hazard to those living nearby. My research investigates the physics of volcanic processes. On terrestrial systems, my work focuses on understanding the physics of effusive basaltic eruptions in order to more accurately interpret historical events and forecast future events. I am interested in problems from lengthscales of a few microns (micro-crystal textures) to a few thousand kilometers (flood basalt provinces). More than 70% of the Earth's volcanic eruptions occurs at mid-ocean ridges. Due to the difficulty in reaching the seafloor, very little is known about these eruptions . I study volcanic products at mid-ocean ridges to learn more about the construction of oceanic crust, timescales of eruption along MOR's, lava transport along and away from the mid-ocean ridge. MOR eruptions are closely linked to the generation, storage, and transport of melt within the mantle and crust beneath MORs and have important effects on hydrothermal circulation and biologic activity in these systems. I use geophysical, observational, and geochemical evidence in tandem with theoretical modelling to answer fundamental questions about volcanism in a variety of settings.

BA Carleton College, Northfield, MN (1997) PhD University of Oregon, Eugene, OR (2003)

• [08 July 2008] New York Times describes recent work (Sohn et al., 2008) on Gakkel Ridge explosive volcanism (link to NYT).
• [26 June 2008] Soule and others publish Nature paper on explosive volcanism at the Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean (link to paper).
• [15 June 2008] Soule presents keynote lecture on ground-based LiDAR mapping of patterened ground in Antarctica at High-Resolution Topographic Data Workshop sponsored by NCALM (link to wkshp website).

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