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Shipping & Receiving

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Distribution Department
The Distribution Department arranges shipping of Institution property for the purposes of returning items for credit, exchange, repair, loan, sale or transfer, and for projects to be performed outside the Institution. The Receiving Department receives incoming goods from purchase orders, procurement, and items being returned from outside project use, loan and or property transfer.

Receiving Department
The Receiving Department, located in the Quissett Warehouse Facility, receives all incoming shipments. Carriers have been instructed to stop at this location regardless of the ultimate destination within the Institution. It is here that freight is identified and designated for proper delivery. Received shipments are sorted (separating WHOI business from personal parcels). Materials bearing valid Institution purchase order numbers are processed through the IFAS/Bitech system. Items are delivered the following day to the individuals designated on the purchase order. Deliveries from express carriers (Federal Express, Airborne, DHL, etc.) are sorted, processed, and distributed to recipients the day of receipt. It is suggested that an individual expecting an express package ask the carrier to include the recipient's name, building location, room number, and telephone extension on the label. This will speed location of the addressee and help ensure proper identification and delivery of the parcel.

Return, Repair or Exchange
The Procurement Department must notify any vendor whose material is being returned for repair, exchange, or credit. Most manufacturers will not accept freight unless a return authorization number (RMA) has been assigned to the shipment for identification when arriving at their receiving door. Upon receipt of your Shipping Request Forms, the Shipping Department will forward the request to the Procurement Department for their approval and action. If you need to expedite the return of material, we suggest that you hand carry the Shipping Request Form through the Procurement Department. The Shipping Department will not return material to a manufacturer without authorization from the Procurement Department. Upon receipt of authorization to return your package, the Shipping Department will assign its own return authorization number for identification when your package is returned to us, so we can deliver the shipment to you. It is very important that you supply the Purchase Order number on returned goods to help expedite this process.

Saturday Deliveries
Saturday express deliveries must be arranged in advance with the Shipping & Receiving Department. We must contact the carriers involved and instruct them concerning shipment delivery. The Shipping & Receiving Department must also notify the security guards that a shipment is due, and who to contact when it arrives. If a carrier arrives at WHOI and the guards have not been informed, the shipment will be refused. This is also true for science gear being sent to meet WHOI ships. If we do not know to whom the shipment belongs, we cannot direct the shipment to its proper destination. WHOI Receiving is closed on weekends; there is no one to direct trucks to delivery locations. The individual who has requested the Saturday delivery or their designee must pick up the shipment at the Smith Lobby. The guards cannot deliver and are not responsible for parcels not picked up. If your shipment was purchased using your WHOI Visa card, you may have this shipment delivered to your home address, this, however, does not hold true for those items purchased on a WHOI purchase order. All purchase orders must be delivered to the Receiving department.

The Distribution Department exists to serve your shipping and receiving needs. We are always glad to answer your questions as best we can. When calling to inquire about an incoming shipment, it is helpful if you give the purchase order number. Often, shipments come in under different names and an important package could be out for delivery or sitting in the Receiving Department waiting for delivery instructions from someone who may be at sea. When tracing an outbound shipment, we ask that you give us the "Ship To" address and date, if possible. Our computers are set up to trace by those key items. Those who request copies of the Shipping Request Form for their records need only give us the shipping request number to find the information needed. If you call a vendor looking for your purchased goods, and they indicate they have been shipped, ask for the tracking number and the name of the transport company. All carriers use tracking numbers of some kind. This information allows us to call the carrier directly about the location of the shipment. Should your shipper not have that information available, chances are your order has not been shipped. When preparing for a cruise from WHOI, we will be happy to send a truck to where you are putting your shipment together, and bring it to the Shipping Department. We will then band your boxes or repackage your shipment into larger containers for air, ground, or ocean transportation.

Please call with any questions. We will be happy to serve your needs.

Last updated: March 21, 2018

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