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Cruise Planning Synopsis

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R/V Oceanus

Cruise Party

Craig Lee: Chief Scientist, Principal Investigator
Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington 1013 NE 40th St Seattle, WA USA 98105-6698
+1 206 685 7656

Departure: Jun 1, 2011

Morehead City, NC

Arrival: Jun 21, 2011

Morehead City, NC

Operations Area

Within 300 nautical miles of the Outer Banks of North Carolina (Cape Hatteras), on the seaward side of the Gulf Stream.
Lat/Lon: 34° 0.0′ N / 74° 0.0′ W
Depth Range: min / max (m)
Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country? no

Science Objectives

Studies of lateral mixing in the upper ocean with dye releases, profiling floats, AUV, Gliders, drifters, towed sensor systems, and moving vessel profilers. Dye and drifters will be released and followed for 1 to 5 days as they disperse. The other systems will be used to conduct surveys of the region around the dye, both to sample the dye and to collect measurements for studies of submesoscale dynamics.

Science Activities

Oceanus will support:
(1) Towed surveys of an limited domain (likely no larger that 50 km by 50 km) using the Triaxus undulating towed profiler (APL-UW)
(2) Towed surveys of a small domain (likely no larger than 5 km by 5 km) using the Hammerhead towed vehicle (Univ of Victoria)
(3) REMUS AUV operations (UMass Dartmouth)
(4) Opportunistic recovery and deployment of floats, drifters and gliders, supported by APL-UW personnel on the Triaxus team.
Rough operational tempo for any given 48h period will be 36h surveying with Triaxus, followed by 12h of REMUS operations, with Hammerhead surveys conducted in conjunction with REMUS operations.
REMUS operations to be supported by Northwind RHIB.

Additional Info

Pre-cruise Planning Meeting: Teleconference
Meeting Notes: May 16 teleconference


Supporting documentation:



Funding Agency: ONR/NAVY
Grant or contract number: N00014-09-1-0266

Scientific Instrumentation for R/V Oceanus

Other Science Vans:

Shipboard Equipment

ADCP 75 kHz
Deionized Water System
Transducer well for visiting instrumentation

Shipboard Communication

Basic Internet access via HiSeasNet
Is there a need to receive data from shore on a regular basis?
Is there a need to transfer data to shore on a regular basis?
Is there an expectation to use Skype or any other real-time video conference program?

CTD/Water Sampling

911+ Rosette 24-position, 10-liter bottle Rosette with dual T/C sensors
Biospherical underwater PAR (1000m depth limit) with reference Surface PAR
SBE43 oxygen sensor
Seapoint STM turbidity sensor
Wet Labs C*Star transmissometer (660nm wavelength)
Wet Labs ECO-AFL fluorometer

Critical CTD Sensors

MET Sensors

Air temperature
Barometric Pressure
Relative Humidity
Short Wave Solar Radiation
Wind speed and direction
Storage Notes:


Will you be using Long Base Line (LBL) navigation? no
How many nets? null
How many tansponders? null
Will you be using Doppler/GPS navigation? no
Navigation Notes: This cruise will have HEAVY AUV's in the operating area.  Science will be providing a portable screen (possibly laptop or slave screen) with AIS information for the floats and vehicles in the water. 


CTD Winch with .322" Electro-mechanical wire
Other Portable Winch
Winch Notes: Triaxus Winch (Science Party Supplied)
  • Dynacon model 10030
  • line pull: 3500 lbs
  • Requires 3-phase 440v
Hammerhead winch (Science Party Supplied)
  • 220V 3-phase power
  • Footprint: 4.5' x 4.5' x 4.5'
  • Weight: 2200lbs
Wires Notes: Triaxus operates on a 10mm, double-armored, torque balanced electro-optical cable. The packages contains 2 single mode fibers and 4 conductors (used for power only).
Rochester A305382
Breaking strength: 16000lbs

Standard Oceanographic Cables

Slip ring required? no Number of conductors: 
Non-standard wire required? no Type: 
Traction winch required? no Describe: 
Science Van 1
Type/size: Berthing Van Location: 01 deck
Water: Power:yes
Science Van 2
Type/size: 10' Storage Van (APL-UW) Location: 01, after of bething van
Water: Power:no

Specialized Deck Equipment

Mooring Deployment/Recovery Equipment Required: no Type: 
Cruise Specific Science Winch Required: yes Type: two science supplied winches
Nets Required: no Type: 

Over the Side Equipment

Will you be bringing any equipment (winches, blocks, etc.) that lowers instruments over the side? yes Details:
Two science-supplied winched and blocks for Triaxus and Hammerhead operations.

Special Requirements

Elecrical Power: yes Identify: 220V, 3-phase and 440V, 3-phase power for winches
Equipment Handling: no Identify: 
Inter/intraship Communications: yes Identify: 3 ship operation with Comms between and ship to shore
Science Stowage: yes Identify: 10 ft storage van
Water: no Identify: 

Additional Cruise Items/Activities

Explosive Devices:no Portable Air Compressors:no Flammable Gases:no Small Boat Operations:yes SCUBA Diving Operations:no

Hazardous Material

Will hazardous material be utilized?noDescribe deployment method and quantity:

Radioactive Material


Additional Information

Is night time work anticipated on this cruise?yesSpecialized tech support (Seabeam, coring, other):
Other required equipment and special needs:
Crew to operate URI 24 "Northwind" RHIB.  This will come with cradle.

Checklist & Notes


U.S. Customs Form: no
Diplomatic Clearance: no
Date Submitted:
Date Approved:
Agent Information:

For small shipments/correspondence:

Master R/V Ship Name
Attn: Scientist's Name
Terminal Shipping Company, Inc.
SmithCreek Center
1536 Castle Hayne Road
Suite D
Wilmington, NC  28401

Ph (910) 763-9065
Fax (910) 341-7970

Mailing address:

Terminal Shipping Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 2072
Wilmington, NC  28402

Contact: Terry Edwards - Mgr/Ops
Cell (910) 262-0215
Vanessa Guyton - administrative

Email: opswlmnc@termship.com

For large/heavy shipments:

Please note:  Advance arrangements must be made with the Agent and WHOI contacts for shipments to Morehead City Port:

Master R/V Ship Name
Attn: Scientist's Name
North Carolina State Ports Authority (MHCSPA)
113 Arendall Street
Morehead City, NC  28557

Note: Agent and WHOI contacts should be copied on all communications.  It is requested that shipment information of any equipment be communicated to the Agent and WHOI contacts
Isotope Use Approval: no
Isotope Notes:
SCUBA Diving: no


SSSG Tech:
Robb Hagg
Mobilization May 29 - May 31  - Memorial Day weekend.
Forklift required for loading. Stevedore charges and container storage fees.
Forklift required to transfer URI Mocness to Endeavor

June 21 & 22nd = Tues Wed.  Forklift req. again.
This cruise will also be installing a portable laptop up on the bridge to aid naviagtion with AIS information for all AUV's in the operating area. 

Cirtical element is the ship to shore and back communications. Data transfers for auv targets and floats, water column information etc.,.