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Cruise Planning Questionnaire



R/V Knorr


Cruise Party

Craig Lee: Chief Scientist, Principal Investigator
Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington 1013 NE 40th St Seattle, WA USA 98105-6698
+1 206 685 7656

Departure: Morehead City, NC on Jun 1, 2011

Arrival: Morehead City, NC on Jun 21, 2011

Mobilization Date: May 28, 2011

Demobilization Date: Jun 22, 2011

Supporting documentation:

Operations Area: Within 300 nautical miles of the Outer Banks of North Carolina (Cape Hatteras), on the seaward side of the Gulf Stream.

Lat/Lon: 34° 0.0′ N / 74° 0.0′ W

Depth Range: min / max (m)

Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country? no

Science objectives

Studies of lateral mixing in the upper ocean with dye releases, profiling floats, AUV, Gliders, drifters, towed sensor systems, and moving vessel profilers. Dye and drifters will be released and followed for 1 to 5 days as they disperse. The other systems will be used to conduct surveys of the region around the dye, both to sample the dye and to collect measurements for studies of submesoscale dynamics.

Science Activities

Oceanus will support:
(1) Towed surveys of an limited domain (likely no larger that 50 km by 50 km) using the Triaxus undulating towed profiler (APL-UW)
(2) Towed surveys of a small domain (likely no larger than 5 km by 5 km) using the Hammerhead towed vehicle (Univ of Victoria)
(3) REMUS AUV operations (UMass Dartmouth)
(4) Opportunistic recovery and deployment of floats, drifters and gliders, supported by APL-UW personnel on the Triaxus team.
Rough operational tempo for any given 48h period will be 36h surveying with Triaxus, followed by 12h of REMUS operations, with Hammerhead surveys conducted in conjunction with REMUS operations.
REMUS operations to be supported by Northwind RHIB.

Pre-cruise planning meeting: Teleconference


Funding Agency: ONR/NAVY #N00014-09-1-0266

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Date Submitted: Apr 11, 2011 12:07 AM by Dr Craig Michael Lee