Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Cruise Planning Questionnaire



R/V Knorr


Cruise Party

Ruth Curry: Chief Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Clark 354, MS#21 Woods Hole, Ma. USA 02543
+1 508 289 2799

Kurt Polzin: Principal Investigator
Organization Name USA
+1 508 289 3368

Departure: Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe on May 13, 2011

Arrival: St. Georges, Bermuda on Jun 14, 2011

Mobilization Date: May 11, 2011

Demobilization Date: Jun 15, 2011

Supporting documentation:


Operations Area: Western North Atlantic

Lat/Lon: 20° 0.0′ N / 55° 0.0′ W

Depth Range: 4000 / 6000

Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country? Anguilla, Saint Kitts, Guadeloupe, Bermuda
Are visas or special travel documents required? no

Science objectives

The purpose of the cruise is to acquire full water column profiles of temperature, salinity, pressure, oxygen and velocity using a shipboard CTD/rosette and the High Resolution Profiler (HRP-II), plus detailed bathymetry (with SeaBeam)  across a variety of topographic features between Guadeloupe,  the mid Atlantic Ridge and Bermuda Rise.  These data will be used to investigate the strength of turbulent mixing, deep properties and flows across the region of study and their relationship to seafloor topography.

Science Activities

~ 120 HRP deployments
~ 70 CTD/rosette stations, with water samples for salinity, oxygen, nutrients
SeaBeam survey

Pre-cruise planning meeting: Visit WHOI

Curry and Polzin will meet with Marine Ops personnel.


Funding Agency: NSF #OCE-0926848

- added NSF #OCE-0926848 on Jan 14, 2011 11:59 AM by Ruth Curry

R/V Knorr

Shipboard Equipment

Bathymetry System 12 kHz

CTD/Water Sampling

SBE43 oxygen sensor
911+ Rosette 24-position, 10-liter bottle Rosette with dual T/C sensors

Critical CTD Sensors: A backup CTD/rosette package is requested. Smaller Nisken bottles are acceptable for both pkges.

Hydrographic Analysis Equipment

Oxygen Sample Bottles (available in 150 ml sizes)
Salt Bottles (2 cases of 125 ml provided)

Sample Storage

Freezer -20°C

Storage Notes: Samples for nutrient analysis will be stored for onshore analysis.


Will you be using Long Base Line (LBL) navigation? no

Will you be using Doppler/GPS navigation? yes


CTD Winch with .322" Electro-mechanical wire

Winch Notes: HRP II has its own winch and deck tracks which will be installed in port.

Standard Oceanographic Cables

  Instrument(s) Instrument Weight(s) Maximum Depth
Conducting Hydro: CTD/rosette null 6000 m

Slip ring required? yes Number of conductors: 
Non-standard wire required? no Type: 
Traction winch required? no Describe: 

Other Science Vans:

Specialized Deck Equipment

Mooring Deployment/Recovery Equipment Required: no Type: 
Cruise Specific Science Winch Required: no Type: 
Nets Required: no Type: 

Over the Side Equipment

Will you be bringing any equipment (winches, blocks, etc.) that lowers instruments over the side? no

Special Requirements

Elecrical Power: no Identify: 
Equipment Handling: no Identify: 
Inter/intraship Communications: no Identify: 
Science Stowage: no Identify: 
Water: no Identify: 

Additional Cruise Items/Activities

Explosive Devices: no
Portable Air Compressors: no
Flammable Gases: no
Small Boat Operations: no
SCUBA Diving Operations: no

Hazardous Material

Will hazardous material be utilized? no

Radioactive Material

Radioiosotopes: no

Additional Information

Is night time work anticipated on this cruise? yes

Specialized tech support (Seabeam, coring, other): Tech support for Seabeam acquisition and processing.

Other required equipment and special needs: 
Date Submitted: Feb 7, 2011 12:12 PM by Eric Benway