Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Cruise Planning Questionnaire

Dispersal Make Up


R/V Oceanus


Cruise Party

Joan Bernhard: Chief Scientist, Principal Investigator
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Watson Building 219, MS#52 Woods Hole, Ma. USA 02543
+1 508 289 3480

Departure: Woods Hole on May 14, 2010

Arrival: Woods Hole on May 16, 2010

Supporting documentation:

Operations Area: Shelf and slope south of Martha's Vineyard

Lat/Lon: 39° 51.4′ N / 69° 12.4′ W

Depth Range: 80 / 2000

Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country? no

Science objectives

Collect as many Soutar Boxcores as possible of a ~1600 m deep site and, if time, a few at the Mud Patch (80 m).  Take MC800 multicorer as back up. 

Science Activities

Soutar boxcoring. 
CTD water casts (to collect bottom water)

Pre-cruise planning meeting: Visit WHOI

I work at WHOI... No need for Prof. Goldstein to participate in cruise planning.


  Station 1
  Distance: 120
  Days: 14hr
  Latitude: 39° 51.4’ N
  Longitude: 69° 12.4’ W

Funding Agency: NSF #0850494

- added NSF #0850494 on Feb 16, 2010 12:01 PM by Joan M. Bernhard

R/V Oceanus

Shipboard Equipment

Deionized Water System
Fume Hood

CTD/Water Sampling

911+ Rosette 24-position, 10-liter bottle Rosette with dual T/C sensors

Critical CTD Sensors: 

Sediment Sampling

Box corer

Sample Storage

Chest Freezer (Household type) 0°F
Refrigerator 8.6 cu. ft.

Storage Notes: We need a functional Soutar Boxcorer (not any old boxcorer).  And we need a functional MC800 multicorer as back up. 


Will you be using Long Base Line (LBL) navigation? no

Will you be using Doppler/GPS navigation? no


Trawl Winch with 9/16th trawl wire

Slip ring required? no Number of conductors: 
Non-standard wire required? no Type: 
Traction winch required? no Describe: 

Other Science Vans:

Other Science Vans:
Science Van 1
Type/size: 20' UNOLS Shared Use Cold Lab Location: Main deck
Water: Not required Power:Required

Specialized Deck Equipment

Mooring Deployment/Recovery Equipment Required: no Type: 
Cruise Specific Science Winch Required: no Type: 
Nets Required: no Type: 

Over the Side Equipment

Will you be bringing any equipment (winches, blocks, etc.) that lowers instruments over the side? no

Special Requirements

Elecrical Power: no Identify: 
Equipment Handling: no Identify: 
Inter/intraship Communications: no Identify: 
Science Stowage: no Identify: 
Water: no Identify: 

Additional Cruise Items/Activities

Explosive Devices: no
Portable Air Compressors: no
Flammable Gases: no
Small Boat Operations: no
SCUBA Diving Operations: no

Hazardous Material

Will hazardous material be utilized? no

Describe deployment method and quantity:
I will fill the form out when the cruise is closer. 

Radioactive Material

Radioiosotopes: no

Additional Information

Is night time work anticipated on this cruise? yes

Specialized tech support (Seabeam, coring, other): Depends when we leave port.  As discussed with E. caporelli, I would like to leave in the late afternoon so we arrive on station at dawn (~12 hr steam to site), allowing us to work all day and begin to steam back at dusk.  Thus, we would depart at 1700 hr on the 14th and return by 1700 hr on the 16th.  If we left in the AM, we would arrive on station at 10 PM and have to work all night, only to be steaming back to port during daylight hours.  It is far safer for all involved to be deploying the boxcorer dueign daylight hours.  This schedule, of course, depends on the Captain's approval. 

Other required equipment and special needs: Crane / crutch for starboard boxcore deployments.
Sieving tables (to be mounted on quarterdeck; Bosun Clindor knows where to mount them).
Tarp rigged to keep rain and/or sun off of sieving table. 
UNOLS cold van to be functional at 5-7oC. 
Soutar to be ready for deployment.
Date Submitted: Feb 16, 2010 12:18 PM by Joan M. Bernhard